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Daml Fundamentals Course 3: Testing in Daml (DF103)

This is the 3rd and final course in the Daml Fundamentals certification path, which leads to a foundational-level certification exam and capstone project. The Daml Fundamentals certification path prepares a developer to build a simple Daml application through learning the basics of Daml programming and testing. The Daml Fundamentals certification path consists of three courses: Functional Programming in Daml, Canton Ledger Programming in Daml, and Testing in Daml.

This course should take approximately 3 hours to complete, and covers the following topics:
- How to reason about testing Daml code
- How to leverage Navigator for testing and debugging
- How to design test scripts
- How to use debug, trace, assert, abort, ensure, and handle exceptions

1. Successful completion of the Functional Programming in Daml course.
2. Successful completion of the Canton Ledger Programming in Daml course.
3. Basic understanding of the Daml value proposition. (https://www.digitalasset.com/developers)
4. Familiarity with Daml use cases. (https://www.digitalasset.com/use-cases)
5. Basic understanding of programming concepts such as variables, data-types, expressions, conditions, and iterations.
6. Experience leveraging programming languages and frameworks to build production applications in a professional environment.
  • Course Overview
  • Introduction to Testing in Daml
  • Daml Testing
  • Quiz: Introduction to Testing in Daml
  • Navigator
  • Navigator
  • Quiz: Navigator
  • Lab 1
  • Designing Daml Test Scripts
  • Designing Daml Tests
  • Quiz: Designing Daml Test Scripts
  • Lab 2
  • Functions for Testing
  • Functions for Testing
  • Quiz: Functions for Testing
  • Lab 3
  • Lab Solutions
  • Testing in Daml Lab Solutions
  • Course Feedback - Required for course completion
  • Survey: Testing in Daml
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed