Introduction to Daml (FREE) (DAML001)
Introduction to Daml (FREE) (DAML001)
This course provides an overview of the Daml Connect SDK and its tooling through hands-on project implementation. You will learn how to develop a Daml based application and deploy it to Daml Hub (as an example deployment platform). The course...
Daml Associate Certification Exam (DAML101)
Daml Associate Certification Exam (DAML101)
The Daml Associate Exam is the entry-level exam that covers a cross section of core Daml topics that are necessary for a developer to build simple end-to-end DAML applications, and ground more specialized knowledge in a foundation of what an...
Daml Solutions Architect Certification Exam (DAML102)
Daml Solutions Architect Certification Exam (DAML102)
This first exam in the Daml Solutions Architect Exam track tests you on the basics of designing a full stack Daml solution. You will be tested on important components and interfaces, what they can be used for, and how they can work together. This...
Daml Applications Engineer Certification Exam (DAML103)
Daml Applications Engineer Certification Exam (DAML103)
This certification exam covers all that a developer needs to know to produce an application that depends on a Daml back-end for business logic and data persistence. This certification exam does not cover how to create Daml contracts (i.e.,...
Daml Contract Developer Certification Exam (DAML104)
Daml Contract Developer Certification Exam (DAML104)
This first exam in the Daml Contracts Track covers the mechanics of Daml: The Daml Ledger Model, Daml's surface syntax and how it links to that model, your ability to translate between real world workflows and Daml code, and your know-how...
Introduction to Programming with Daml
Self-service Training
Introduction to Programming with Daml
This is an entry level introductory course to learn how to program using Daml. Prerequisite: 1. Learner should know the basic programming concepts such as variables, data-types, expressions, conditions, and iterations. 2. Learner should be...

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