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Daml Philosophy Course 2: Daml Workflows (DP102)

In this course we will learn how to approach business workflow analysis in a way that exploits the distributed nature of Daml and Canton, and allows support for multi-party workflows that cross organizational trust boundaries. We will learn how to move from this analysis, to designing the Daml models that sit at the foundation of every Canton application. Finally we will learn how to ensure these designs can meet the scaling and performance demands of your business.

The course is made up of video and articles created by Digital Asset. These resources will be helpful to everyone on your project and will provide a shared understanding of the unique capabilities of the Daml platform and how best to exploit them.
  • Decisions, Actors, and Authority
  • Decisions, Actors, and Authority
  • Quiz: Decisions, Actors, and Authority
  • Decisions, Consequences, and Visibility
  • Design, Consequences, and Visibility
  • Quiz: Decisions, Consequences, and Visibility
  • Workflow Analysis
  • Daml Workflow Analysis
  • Quiz: Workflow Analysis
  • Workflow Design
  • Daml Workflow Design
  • Swap Market Design Source Code
  • Quiz: Workflow Design
  • Workflow Scalability
  • Daml Workflow Scalability
  • Quiz: Workflow Scalability
  • Refactoring for Scalability
  • Refactoring for Scalability
  • Quiz: Refactoring for Scalability
  • Survey: Daml Workflows
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed