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Daml Philosophy Course 1: Multi-Party Applications (DP101)

This course is an introduction to multiparty applications and focuses on the features and principles unique to Daml and Canton. The goal of the course is to prepare you to create use cases that are appropriate for Daml and Canton. We'll cover several principles that apply to multi-party applications and you'll be tasked with evaluating how well the use cases you're considering align with those principles.

The course is made up of several video and articles created by Digital Asset. These resources will be helpful as you consider the power that multi-party applications have for new business, product, and value development.

  • Introduction
  • Video Introduction
  • Use Case Instructions and Templates
  • Distributed Ledgers and Smart Contracts
  • Distributed Ledgers and Smart Contracts
  • Quiz: Distributed Ledgers and Smart Contracts
  • Ethereum versus Daml, an analysis of Enterprise Blockchain
  • Principle: Multi-party Application
  • Multi-party Applications
  • Quiz: Multi-party Applications
  • Multi-Party Application
  • Principle: Data Sovereignty
  • Data Sovereignty
  • Quiz: Data Sovereignty
  • Solving the problem of data leakage
  • Principle: Tokenization
  • Tokenization
  • Quiz: Tokenization
  • Tokenization in financial services
  • Not all tokens are created equal
  • Principle: Atomic Transactions
  • Atomic Transactions
  • Quiz: Atomic Transactions
  • Simplifying Trade Processing with Daml
  • Responsible Innovation in Financial Markets
  • Use Cases - Final Assignment
  • Submit Use Cases
  • COURSE FEEDBACK - Required for course completion
  • Survey: Multi-Party Applications
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed